Strategies of the West Central Economic Development Alliance

22 Jun 2020

The West Central Economic Development Alliance is committed to making Wadena County the best place to do business. In June of 2018, the Economic Alliance Executive Board approved their strategic plan. The plan is designed to provide a roadmap for the activities of the Economic Alliance. It contains a description of the three pillars of the Economic Alliance--education, networking, and advocacy. It also includes priorities and strategies for implementation including attracting the retaining businesses, infrastructure improvement, and workforce development.

The foundation of this strategic plan was input from community and business leaders. It was their dreams and concerns for the region that shaped and guided this document and will continue to shape and guide the Economic Alliance for years to come. Click here to view our strategic plan.

We all benefit from living in an inclusive community that values the opinions of its residents. The strategic plan is a result of feedback and collaboration between the Alliance, community members and businesses. Read it here.