15 Sep 2023


Restricting employer communication: Lawmakers passed a new law that prohibits employers from meeting or communicating with their employees on public policy. The “captive audience” law stipulates that communications must be “wholly voluntary” and not be political or religious in nature. There is a federal preemption of these laws, and they have been litigated in other states. Minnesota’s law is effective on August 1, 2023.

Expanding accommodations for pregnant and lactating employees: The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) will oversee expanded accommodations for pregnant employees including a temporary leave of absence, work schedule or job assignment modifications and more frequent or longer breaks. Lactating employees should now receive specific break times of their choice, lactation spaces, and notice of these accommodations must be given to employees in writing. Businesses with fewer than 15 employees, and in some cases fewer than 21 employees, will be newly subject to these statutes as existing small business exemptions were rescinded. This new law is already in effect.

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