2020 MN Broadband County Gig ranking. From 99 to 0 percent coverage. How do you rank?

22 May 2020

The new MN County broadband maps are now up on the Office of Broadband Development websites- showing percentage of each county with (and without) broadband access. Earlier I looked at how counties ranked for access to 25/3 (the 2022 MN State speed goal), to 100/20 (the 2026 speed goal) and now Gig access!  (You can download the full spreadsheet of MN county details for speeds or 100/20 and Gig.)

We haven’t looked at Gig access in the past so I’m just going to put it out there and say congrats to the top of the list and good luck to the folks are the bottom. (You can also download this info in a spreadsheet – which will likely be better formatted.)

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