About Us


To make our communities the best place to do business. 


To give a voice to the economic and business interests of Wadena County and surrounding communities by providing educational, networking, and advocacy resources and opportunities.

Our History

The Economic Alliance (the Alliance) was formed as a private, not-for-profit in 2011 from the need for a voice for economic development in our area of West Central Minnesota. With the goal of collaboration and flexibility in mind, the Alliance was organized to represent both public and private interests, and not to be confined to a defined governmental boundary. 

Today, the Alliance consists of an Executive Board of volunteers representing banking, government, non-profit, and private industry interests and a full-time Executive Director who carries out the day-to-day operations and strategic mission of the Alliance. 

The Alliance currently serves all of Wadena County and the City of New York Mills.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan, was approved by our Executive Board in June of 2018. The plan is designed to provide a roadmap for the activities of the Alliance. It contains a description of the three pillars of the Alliance--education, networking, and advocacy-- as well as priorities and strategies for implementation. The foundation of this strategic plan is input from community and business leaders. It was their dreams and concerns for the region that shaped and guided this document and will continue to shape and guide the Alliance for years to come.