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Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) Resources

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Business Development

Location and Expansion Assistance

If you're looking to expand an existing business, relocate from another state, or need guidance for a complex startup, expansion or relocation, DEED can help. DEED consultants have the right background, information and connections to other state and local agencies to help turn your plans to reality. 

Consultants work closely with companies of types to help them locate and expand in communities throughout Minnesota. These services may include:

  • Industry specialist initiatives
  • Comprehensive site selection
  • Project management

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Made in Minnesota Directory

The Made in Minnesota (MIM) Directory of manufacturers is a free online directory of products and supplies manufactured right here in Minnesota. It makes it easy for companies to find--and be found--by home state suppliers. working with local suppliers can save time, money and promote the local economy. 

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Tax Credits and Benefits

Greater Minnesota Job Expansion Program

This tax refund program provides sales tax rebates to existing businesses located in Greater Minnesota that are approved by DEED and meet job creation, wage levels, and other eligibility requirements. 


Businesses must meet program requirements including:

  • Have operated for at least one year in Greater Minnesota
  • Meet wage and compensation requirements
  • Will add at least two employees or 10 percent of current staff, whichever is greater, within three years
  • Meet industry eligibility including not being engaged in retail, gambling, entertainment, among many other industries
  • Demonstrate that the expansion wouldn't occur without assistance
  • Have a significant share of sales from the facility to non-Minnesota customers

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Greater Minnesota Internship Tax Credit Program

Eligible employers may claim a refund credit of up to $2,000 for each internship provided to an eligible student in Greater Minnesota. 

Employee Training

Dual Training Competency Grants

The program provides grants to employers or organizations representing the employer to train employees in achieving the compentency standard for an occupation. Dual training intends to build on the PIPELINE Project at the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) which convened four industry councils with representatives from higher education, industry, labor and employers. The councils develop competency standards and identify models Minnesota's education providers can use to develop the training needed to meet the competency standards.

To date, the four industries councils include advanced manufacturing, information technology, agriculture and healthcare services. 


Employers or organizations representing employers to train employees in a competency standard identified by the DLI. The maximum grant is $150,000 per application based on a maximum of $6,000 per trainee. Matching funds may be required, 

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Minnesota Job Skills Partnership

The MSJP program works with businesses and educational institutions to train or retrain workers, expand work opportunities and keep high-quality jobs in the state. The goal is to target short-term training for full-time employment in the growth sectors of the state's economy. 

MJSP offers grants through a variety of programs to offset training-relating expenses incurred by business, industry and educational institutions to meet current and future workforce needs. 

The main grant option, the Partnership Program, provides up to $400,000 for training new workers and existing employees of participating businesses. Other training options include the Pathways Program and the Low-Income Worker Training Program. In addition to its flagship program, MJSP offers assistance to businesses for training low-income individuals. 


Training projects pair at least one public or private accredited Minnesota educational institution and one business, with the execption of the Low-Income Worker Training Program option. That program provides grants to Minnesota public, private or nonprofit entities that provide employment services to low-income individuals. 

Additional eligibility and project requirements apply. 

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Job Training Incentive Program

This program provides grants of up to $200,000 to new or expanding businesses for the purpose of training new workers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The program is available to businesses located in Greater Minnesota. Grant funds may be used for direct training costs for training provided in-house; by institutions of higher education; by federal, state, or local agencies; or private training or educational providers. 


  • The business must be located in Greater Minnesota
  • The new jobs must pay wages at least equal to the median hourly wage for the county in which the jobs are located, plus benefits. The new jobs must also provide at least 32 hours of work per week for a minimum of nine months per year. 
  • The business must be able to demonstrate that its training needs cannot be met through a Minnesota Job Skills Partnership grant. 
  • Additional eligibility and project requirements apply. 

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Minnesota WorkForce Centers

Minnesota WorkForce Centers provide an array of employment-related services to employers and job seekers. Our local WorkForce Center is located at 1538, 124 1st St SE #2, Wadena, MN.

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SciTechsperience Internship Program

SciTechsperience is a paid internship program that connects college students in STEM disciplines with rewarding hands-on opportunities at small to mid-sized Minnesota companies that need their skills. The focus is on strengthening Minnesota's STEM industries and developing an experienced and well-trained workforce. Businesses receive a dollar-for-dollar cash match up to 50 percent of the interns wages ($2,500 maximum), providing a low-cost option for small and medium-sized companies that otherwise would not have access to qualified interns. 


  • Students must be a Minnesota resident or attend college in Minnesota. They must be 18 years of age or older and be in good academic standing. Registration as a second-year tech or community college student or as a junior or senior at a four-year institutions is required. 
  • Eligible companies must be for-profit businesses with a physical presence in Minnesota, operating in qualifying industries. They must offer an internship that provides hands-on industry experience, focusing on STEM. 
  • Other eligibility requirements and opportunities apply and are available of the SciTechsperience website. 

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Initiative Foundation Resources

Technical Assistance and Training

Depending on their needs, each business is eligible to receive up to $5,000 in consulting and technical assistance services. Cost sharing is determined for participating businesses based on their work plans. The technical assistance provided to these businesses typically falls into three general categories:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Operational Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis

Scholarships also are available for business leaders to attend training and professional development sessions specific to their unique needs.

Past participants have reported the following outcomes: financing stability, decreased expenses, increased sales, sharper focus, margin and cash flow improvement, skill development and improved forecasting.  

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