Verndale is a Great Place to Grow in Wadena County

Monday, September 14, 2020

Verndale is a great place to grow! Historically, the Verndale was called "the most beautiful town site along the Northern Pacific Railroad between Brainerd and Fargo," the townsite of Verndale was situated one mile east of the Wing River, on the edge of a beautiful prairie.The city is still known for its location in beautiful West Central Minnesota. It is located in Wadena County, and U.S. Route 10 serves as a main route in the community.

Verndale’s business community is primarily comprised of locally owned small businesses such as Aldrich Tractor, Bullseye Bar & Grill, C & M Contractors, Forcier Construction and more. View a list of local businesses here. 

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1st in Quality of Life (Forbes, 2017)

Quality of Life
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1st in 5-Year Business Survival Rate (Bureau of Labor Analysis, 2012-2017)

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2nd Best State Overall (U.S. News & World Report, 2018)

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Best-Run State in America (24/7 Wall Street/USA Today, 2017)

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Happiest State in the U.S. (MagnifyMoney, 2018)

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1st Best State for Women (WalletHub, 2017; Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2015)

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Happiest – and Least Stressed – State in the Country (WalletHub, 2017)

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